2018 District 76 Spring Conference

May 11 - 13, 2018



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Spark! - Events Sparkling events not only Speech Contest but... The Making of Pathways - 5/11 Evening Opening Ceremony - 5/12 AM Educational Events Spark! Cafe - 5/12 AM District 76 Spark! Expo 2018 -...


Ticket By clicking "Register", you will jump to PassMarket. Please follow the process. Speech Contests (JP & EN) Fri. 5/11 Workshop by Pat Johnson (Meal event) ¥1,080 Sat. 5/12 Spark! Cafe with Lunch ¥840 Spark!...

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Spark! Letter -Special Issue-
Dear Fellow Toastmasters, We only have 2 weeks until the 2018 Spring Conference! The limited offer for Spark! discounted price of 3,980 yen will end...
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Spark! Party Movie
Spark! Letter vol.8
Dear fellow Toastmasters, The theme for this year's Spring Conference is Spark! and every Spark! starts with a dialogue.  In this volume of the Spark!...
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Spark! Letter vol.7
Dear fellow Toastmasters, In this edition of the Spark! letter, I would like to introduce the educational program titled “District 76 Spark! EXPO 2018” scheduled...
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Spark! Letter vol.6
Dear fellow Toastmasters, I am pleased to be able to share with you our promotional movie for the 2018 Spring Conference.  Please click here and...
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Spark! Movie

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