District 76
Spark! Expo 2018


With a little bit of creativity, the Toastmasters education program can be made to deepen your learning and to make it more enjoyable. At the “District 76 Spark! Expo 2018,” we will provide inspiration and awareness to the participants through dialogues among the participants, as well as actually experiencing simulated chapter meetings that are creative. We have also prepared a special “Workshop to experience an example of implementing Pathways to a club.”

The District 76 Spark! Expo 2018 will be conducted as a learning through dialogues among the participants and their awareness, rather than being facilitated by a single instructor.

Venue and date/time

Venue: National Olympics Memorial Youth Center, International Exchange Building,
International Conference Room
Date/time: May 12 (Sat) 2:30 PM through 5:00 PM (Please refer to the timetable below)

The International Conference Room is a very spacious venue. We will hold a lively event where this wide space will be a utilized to simultaneously run workshops in various areas within the same room.
Each participant may select up to two workshops.


 14:30-15:30 15:40-16:40
Let’s Try
English Japanese
Let’s Talk About Your
Moment of Truth
English Japanese
I Didn’t Know That!
Surprising Ways to
Utilize Toastmasters
Japanese English
What Makes You
Enter Contests?
Japanese English
Experience an
Advanced Club!
Table Topics
English Japanese
Experience an
Advanced Club!
Japanese English

*Please note that the procedure (such as language) may be
changed depending on the number of participants.

Overview of each workshop

  • Let’s Try Pathways!
    What advantages will Pathways bring to our growth? We will set up a fictional club called the “Olympic Center Club” and perform a live demo where the members prepare the chapter meetings by utilizing Pathways, so you can experience how the members grow by conducting the chapter meetings. You don’t need to bring your laptop or tablet.

  • Let’s Talk About Your Moments of Truth!
    Toastmasters members from all parts of Japan will gather at the District Conference. Every one of them has a reason or an impetus for joining Toastmasters, and they all have their own stories. We will talk about such things together. Thinking again about the reason for joining will lead to the Moments of Truth. Thinking about the reason for continuing this activity will also lead to a deeper understanding of each other’s starting points and Toastmasters. From that, let’s find the attractiveness or possibilities of Toastmasters.

  • I Didn’t Know That! Surprising Ways to Utilize Toastmasters
    How do you utilize what you’ve learned through Toastmasters outside of the chapter meetings? This is an opportunity to hear directly from people who utilize their Toastmasters experiences at other clubs or different fields. Whether you are looking to find new goals or already have goals, we will guarantee that you will be surprised by discovering surprising ways of utilization. It could change your next chapter meeting or your future.

  • What Makes You Enter Contests?
    We will invite the finalists of past District Contests as panelists, and ask them to talk about their behind-the-scenes stories that are not visible from the glamorous front stage. It is a session where they will talk thoroughly about the things you always wanted to hear, such as their learning through the contest, what they found when they stood on the contest stage, the struggles as a finalist, and so on. What makes you enter a contest? Why don’t we pause for a moment and think together?

  • Experience an Advanced Club!
    We will show you advanced clubs that are active in District 76! And you will get to experience them on the spot! Among the advanced clubs, this time we will hold club chapter meetings that specialize in “Evaluation” and “Table Topics,” which are highly improvisational and the real charms of Toastmasters! You can participate in exciting chapter meetings that are a little bit different! If you were curious about the advanced clubs but could not attend due to the distance, or felt shy even though you were close, don’t miss this opportunity to experience this event!

*District 76 Spark! Expo 2018 is a free-of-charge event, and you may register this event only, however we cordially ask you to donate minimum 500 yen to support 2018 D76 Spring Conference. Thank you for your understanding.